Privacy Policy

We are committed to safeguarding your personal data. In this privacy policy, we explain how we store and process your personal data when you use our website, our software or in communications with us.

What type of data do we collect and when?

Information you provide to us directly

We collect some of your personal data when you voluntarily provide us with such data on our website, software or through other means. For example, we store your e-mail address and email content when you send us a support email. We also store your name and email address when you opt-in to marketing emails. We use this data to stay in touch with you. This data is voluntary and you can ask us to remove this data by sending an email to at anytime. You can opt-out of marketing emails here. When you purchase our products from one of our re-sellers, we store your name, e-mail address and the order number of the re-seller to be able to process your order.

To authorise our software, you will need to send us a unique response code generated by our software. We collect the response code, the time and date of your authorisation request and your IP address. The response code contains a unique identifier which can be linked to the order number generated by the re-seller where you bought our products (see “Information we get from our re-sellers” below). This helps us protect against unauthorised use of our software, for example, when our serial numbers have been posted on public websites in breach of our terms and conditions. This information is automatically deleted from our database after thirty days.

Information we collect automatically

When you visit our website or use our software, we collect non-personal information about your device (such as your operating system type and version, browser/DAW version) and your devices connection automatically. We also track which web pages you navigate to and on which links you click when browsing our web page. This data is stored by our analytics provider “Google Analytics” in an aggregated and anonymised form. We use this information to gather insights into the usage of our software and website: for example, this helps us understand how many active users we have and/or how many people visit our website per day.

Information we collect from our re-sellers

When you buy our software from one of our re-sellers, in accordance with the re-seller’s privacy policy, the re-seller will send us a unique transaction identifier (the order number), your name and your e-mail address to identify the purchase transaction. We collect this data so that we can validate any refund requests from you or one of our re-sellers and to process any queries regarding our software’s authorization process, for example, when you ask us to recover a lost serial number.

How we use your data?

We use your personal data in one of the following ways:

To communicate with you

We use your email address and name to communicate with you, for example, when you have sent us a support query. Additionally, we may send you some operational communications without you having contacted us first. This could occur when there are important and significant changes to our policies or there is information about security updates or serious bugs. Occasionally we will send you some marketing emails if you have given your consent to receive them. You can opt-out of any marketing emails here.

To support you and to process orders

We use your personal data to be able to process any refund requests we receive from you or our re-seller (see “Information we collect from our re-sellers”). We will also use this data to process any support requests regarding our software’s authorization. For example, we will use this information to validate your identity if you ask us to retrieve a lost serial number.

To analyse our website and software usage

We use your personal data (see “Information we collect automatically” above) to help us gain insights into the usage of our website and software. This data is used to create aggregated and anonymised usage reports which we may share with third-parties.

To protect us against fraud

We use your personal data to protect us from breaches to our terms and conditions. For example, we use your personal data (see “Information you provide to us directly”) to help us detect if a serial number is being used against our terms and conditions, for example when a serial number is being used excessively.

To provide a smooth running service

We use your personal data (see “Information we collect automatically”) to ensure the smooth running of our website and authorisation service. For example, occasionally we collect technical data (such as your IP address) to investigate a technical problem with our website or software.

With whom do we share your personal data?

Some of the personal data which we collect automatically (see “Information we collect automatically”) is shared with our analytics provider “Google Analytics”. Google Analytics helps us gather statistics on the usage of our software and website. They generate aggregated and anonymised reports which we may share with other third parties. You can read more on Google Analytics’ privacy policy here.

If you send us a request regarding your order with a re-seller (such as a refund), we may need to share some of your personal information with that specific re-seller. This information will typically be your name and order number.

How long do we retain your personal data?

Personal data that we process will not be kept for longer than is necessary. More specifically:

In correspondence with us

We will keep any correspondance you send us for up to 24 months. If you send us a related or follow-up correspondence within this time-frame then the countdown is reset i.e. the entire correspondence thread will be deleted when the newest correspondence in this thread is 24 months old. You can always send us an email if you would like us to delete any correspondence with you earlier.

In processing your order and authorisation requests

We will store your information associated with your order (see “Information we collect from our re-sellers”) when you purchase our software through one of our re-sellers. This data is retained for as long as you use our software under our licence agreement. When you terminate your licence agreement with us, (for example via a refund) we will also remove your personal data associated with the order from our database. You can terminate your licence agreement by sending us an email at

We will store your personal data when you authorise your software (see “Information you provide to us directly”). This data is automatically deleted thirty days after the authorisation request.

In sending you marketing messages

We will store your personal data for as long as you have opted-in to receive marketing messages from us. You can opt-out at any time by clicking here or by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of our emails.

In maintaining the smooth-running of our website and software

We may store technical data which may include personal information (IP address, browser version, etc.) in server logs when you visit our website or use our product. This data helps us fix technical problems with our website and authorization service and is retained for no more than thirty days.

Your rights

It’s your data, so you can always ask us to:
  • send you a copy of the data we store about you
  • amend any incorrect or out-of-date data
  • refrain from storing and/or process your data
  • delete any data we store about you
Simply send us an email at Additionally, you can always unsubscribe from any of our marketing communications by clicking here.