Quality Audio Plug-Ins

At Fielding DSP we follow two basic principles: No compromise in audio quality and no compromise in usability. Our products are lightweight and have been developed keeping the everyday needs of audio professionals in mind. This sleekness allows us to focus on maintaining audio quality and avoiding unwanted digital side effects.

Try our products

We believe that the best advertisement for a Fielding DSP product is the product itself. You can try all of our products by downloading the fully-functional demo versions from this website. Take your time, listen closely, and test our products in your own production environment to decide whether they fit your specific needs.

“[...] I find Fielding DSP's approach unique. While generating harmonics which to our ears make signals appear longer and fuller, it does not suffer from the side effects of similar plug-ins, retaining a very clear, un-mashed signal.”

John Tejada, Computer Music Magazine Jan '13


August 2021
Reviver is now macOS Ventura compatible. Download the latest version here!
March 2018
Checkout the bug-fix release of Reviver 1.3.6.

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