" [...] We've tried out a couple of saturation plug-ins similar to this recently [...]. Although Reviver is by far the simplest of the lot, it's definitely the subtlest and nearest to the effect of analogue gear. As such, we can't help but recommend it. 8/10 "

Computer Music Magazine, Sept. 08


“Awesome... Tried it, Loooove it. So simple and effective! [...]”


“Really amazing plugin! Love to use it to subtly boost levels. I also like how light it is, no noticeable CPU hit on my system.”


“[...] The Reviver seems to work on anything/everything I've thrown it on so far..... Started out on bass, then vox, then guitars... drums... sax..... nice work.”


“[...] the email responses to me have been unbelievably professional dealing with all queries thoroughly and promptly. [...]”


“A secret weapon in so many cases, where the material needed inaudible distortion to fatten up. Thumbs up for the new version [...]”


“[...] ANY[ONE] has to check this out now, trust me. It is SWEET, SUBTLE saturation. It's one of my very favorites, most people that tested it think it's great like I do.”


Tech house veteran John Tejada says Reviver is one of the five pieces of software he can't be without: "At this point, there are dozens of 'make it louder' plug-ins and compressors and saturators on the market. I find Fielding DSP's approach unique. While generating harmonics which to our ears make signals appear larger and fuller, it does not suffer from the side effects of similar plug-ins, retaining a very clear, un-smashed signale."

Computer Music Magazine, Jan. 2013